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Posted 10 Oct 20, 23:06 PM Liverpool Escorts

Since the beginning of the lockdown back in March 2020 The Night Butterflies have been working under impunity defying all the rules set out by government.

We rebuke these guidelines set out by a bunch of hypocritical Tory Wankers who have basically destroyed the economy, forced everyone into abject poverty and bled the country dry for there mass social experiment.

We have 1 word for these wank stains in Parliament: Moral Hazard

Liverpool a city, which is heavily dependent on student life and the hospitality sector has been left decimated by the conditions imposed by these Tory Dickheads who have once again given themselves a £3,000 increase for april next year.

MP's Salary currently is £81,932 which is due to increase to £85,000 by april next year.

Its one rule for them, for these reasons we say you can stick these un-enforceable rules up your arses.

We will continue hitting every home and hotel on Merseyside offering man and woman pure adulterated fun and administering stress relief during these morbid times.


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